01.20.07 - LOLHS Senior Grad Party Benefit Concert

Hope everyone's alive and kickin--especially after the show last night! This was a benefit concert/cookout for the LOLHS 2007 Senior Class Graduation Party. And it was a success. The entire benefit night brought in $1700 from ticket sales, concessions, and other cool gadgets such as glowsticks and flashing rings. I couldn't help but pick one up myself--they were just too cool to pass up. We had a fantastic lineup for the concert, including Alex Kashtan on a sax solo, a debut performance by Something From Nowhere, a few rockin tunes by Connor McKnight, some great melodies by Johnny Golebewski, some jazz singing by the talented Nicole Fogliano, and finally 41 North.

We played an hour set that included a lot of our new songs including the Wanderer, and some crowd favorites by O.A.R. Unfortunately, Mr. "Funky" Eckhart was unable to join in the action because his son was sick--it just wasn't the same during Bring That Funk without him.

We'd like to shout out to the 43 seniors who helped out with the event, and a special thanks to our technical crew with Dennis Hauteniemi on lighting, Tim Berryman doing backstage work (FOG!!), and Gabe as our sound engineer. Our friend Troy was shooting some sweet photos of us, so we'd like to thank him, and we'll keep you updated with some of his photos.

Once again, thanks so much to everybody who made this possible, and I'm sure that the entire 2007 senior class will be thanking you too!

Keep it real-
41 North

12.27.06 - Back To The Studio!
We are incredibly happy to announce that we are finally back at work in the studio creating our first full length CD! We are in the very early stages and will continue to provide you with insider studio updates here as we go.

Today is the first day of full band recording. We have done some nice rythym tracks and are currently starting Steve's piano tracks.

The CD currently has no name but we are open to your thoughtful suggestions! We're expecting to put on some re-juiced versions of songs from the EP as well as some studio versions of our current live songs such as "The Wanderer" and "Lovelight." Good things are definitely to come!

Keep checking back for new updates from the Studio and from the road. Take care of eachother!


12.26.06 - College Applications
Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you've had a great holiday season so far.

We'd like to take this time to apologize for our lack of communication here on the journal board for the past ohhh two months. We are still alive and rocking and we've played some really fun shows lately. We're going to blame the lack of communications on college applications. We've all been very busy with the whole college search process and we decided to put our remaining energy into the music and not our journal entries.

That being said, it's time for some catch up. Since the last journal post, we played a very fun show at Toad's Place in New Haven, some parties, and a fantastic concert at Lyme - Old Lyme High School. We'd like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting us!


10.17.06 - 41 North @ The Space
Last night we played a show at The Space, a music and performing arts venue located in Hamden, CT. We arrived and met the guys who run the place, who were all very friendly. The venue has a really unique feel which we loved. After the first act, a solo singer and keyboardist named Ashley Hames, we went on. We started our set at about 8:30 and played for about half an hour. We keep the set lively, and the audience seemed to like it. We will probably be coming to The Space, so keep an eye out for new show dates!

Keep it real-
41 North

09.25.06 - September gigs
41 North has had a busy September playing events large and small. This past Saturday, September 23rd, found the band playing at a large national event at Hartford's Charter Oak Landing for the Hartford Grand Prix of Champboats. We played a two hour set and was helped along by the services of Advanced Sound & Lighting of Manchester, CT. The sound system and mixing was extremely well done. Thanks to Eric of Advanced. We'd also like to mention the event at the Mohegan Sun on Sunday, September 17th. This show was a charity event for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Connecticut. 41 North volunteered our services for the cause and was proud to actually make a cash contribution to MS of $100 as a result of proceeds from CD sales at the event. We were proud to have been able to contribute to such an important cause. Rock on.

08.21.06 - Hamburg Fair!
What's up?? We played our last show of our school summer vacation at the Hamburg Fair. It really was a good way to finish it off--we had a great audience... We'd like to extend a HUGE thanks to all of our fans from Waterford, East Haddam, Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, and some from even Massachusetts and New York! We love you all!!

We started playing a little late because of a few problems, but our friend Connor McKnight did a few songs on his guitar to fill the gap. We were on shortly after and played non-stop until 11 PM! We played a lot of our songs, cover songs, and even brought our friends Mark Neville, and Rob and Mike Neaton up on to add a touch of brass to the mix on songs such as "Sweet Caroline", and Mark again on "Delicate Few".

All in all we had a great time... since school is kickin in again for us we will be more caught up in other things, so we will have less time for shows, but keep an eye out for new ones that will pop up!

Peace and love
41 North

08.06.06 - Starbucks New Haven
Hey everybody!!

Yesterday, Zach L., Tom, and Steve from the band played an acoustic show in Starbucks of New Haven. We arrived at about 4 pm to set up and were ready to go by around 5, and played about a 2 hour set. We'd like to thank our new booking agent from White Cat Promotions for hooking us up with this show.

Show photos:

One Sweet World (cover)
Get Together
Better off now(cover)>
Let me be lonely(cover)
Free At Last
Sweet Home Alabama(cover)
Country Combo(cover)
Old Love(cover)
Fallen Sky(cover)
This is the Time
By Your Side
Crazy Game of Poker(cover)>
Stir it Up(cover)
Jimi Thing(cover)
Banana Pancakes(cover)
Come Back Home
Don't Stop Believin'(cover)>Bring That Funk

41 North

07.22.06 - Rockin' Around the Blocks
Despite the rainy weather I think everybody that came had a good time. The show started in the late afternoon with bluegrass artist Dan Stevens, who is also teaching a summer blues course at our high school. The other opening band was an alternative rock band named The Waking Slows. A big shoutout to both of them for doing such a fabulous job. We went on at about 7:00 and played for about one hour, but rocked every minute of it. Rumor has it that you could hear us way down the street... people said that they were just sitting out on their porches enjoying us like it was their own personal concert!

This show wrapped up our 3-day minitour but we've got plenty more shows coming up!

Keep it cool

41 North

07.21.06 - Point of Woods
What an awesome night. When you mix summer beach air and 41 North you just can't help but enjoy!

We played a 2 hour set near the beautiful Point of Woods beach, and again like last night we had a really well receiving crowd. We started off strong and finished strong, and then couldn't help but play some requests such as the classic "Tuesday's Gone". I think the band enjoyed playing tonight as much as the crowd enjoyed listening.

We'll probably be returning to Point of Woods in August so don't forget to check back for future dates!

41 North

07.20.06 - Essex
Hey Everybody!

We just got back from a stellar concert in historic Essex, CT. We had one of the most welcoming crowds of this summer tonight and it really reflected in the vibe of the band. We played a solid 2 hour set. James was returning from a trip down South today so our good friend Matt Nunn sat in on bass. Matt did a stellar job and we want to thank him very much for helping us out.

We met some new friends from Essex tonight after the show who were all very welcoming and awesome. We even scored some free ice cream Essex style including a sweet peach style ice cream and a rockin Essex mud pie ice cream. Thanks for the hook up guys!

You can catch us again this weekend at Town Woods Park in Old Lyme, CT at 4pm on Saturday. It is a show to benefit the Old Lyme Day Care and we plan on making it a rockin afternoon for y'all.

We hope we get a shot to see some of you again real soon. We wish everyone all the best this summer. Keep Rockin'!


Show photos:

07.14.06 - Chamard Vineyard Style
What's up everybody!?!?

Last night was a lot of fun. We played a 2+ hour set at Chamard Vineyards in Clinton, CT, part of their summer concert series. It was an absolutely gorgeous setting. We played in front of a 15 foot old European style stone building overlooking a pond with a fountain in the center. We were extremely thankful to the weather gods for holding off on the rain (with the exception of a few drizzles). For those of you who missed this charming location for an evening out don't worry. We will be back August 10 at 5:30pm and we hope to see some of you there!

On another note, our debut CD release "This Is The Time" is selling very well! If you haven't yet gotten yourself a copy they are on sale at all shows. In addition to that, we, 41North are very pleased to announce that the "This Is The Time EP" is now available on iTunes as well as online at Definitely check it out when you get a chance. We are very happy to finally be a part of the online music world!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the beautiful warm weather and we hope to see some of you at our next show!

All our best

41 North

Show photos:

07.12.06 - Summer's Here!
Here is the first journal update of the summer from 41north! We have played several private partays since the start of the summer including a great summer kickoff at Spencer Porter's surprise party. After everyone left the party that night the band stuck around for some serious pool-crashing with the birthday guy.

We also welcomed our friend Sally Davidson back from Italy with a waterfront concert in Haddam overlooking the Blue Oar restaurant (which we highly recommend) and the CT River. They set up two docks for us to play on and we have given the honor of "coolest stage we've ever played on" to the Davidson's for that one! Arrgh!

We've been having a lot of fun relaxing and enjoying our summer and in the next few weeks our summer tour really kicks off. We have been asked to headline the Chamard Vineyard Summer Concert Series for several dates beginning tomorrow July 13. We'd love to see you at some of this summer's tour dates!

We'd like to wish everyone a very happy, warm, pleasant summer and you can keep checking back here for more summer journal updates from us as we rock some more shows.



04.24.06 - Two great shows
We had two great shows this weekend. Saturday, we played for a private party, which went pretty well, and on Sunday we played for Eastern Connecticut State University. We were well received and we're looking to be working with ECSU again in the future. We're currently in the process of booking shows so keep checking the site -- May 4th we will be playing at the Webster Theater (second stage), opening for Edwin McCain. Check out this show for a good time!!


04.08.06 - Lyme-Old Lyme High School
One word describes this show. Awesome. Our good friends The Brightwings headlined the show, and they did an awesome job. We played a little shorter than a 45 minute set because 3 of the 5 guys in the band had the flu. But we don't let no flu stop us, we got up on the stage and pulled off a show. The mix was phenomenal, and we would like to reach out a huge thank you to Mr. Mark Williams, who did a great job with all of the sound. And also we would like to give a big thank you to Stephen Burke and Ashley Beckman for all of the help with the lighting. This was our first show that we had the CDs for sale at--so far, so good. Speaking of CDs, in a couple of months, we will have them for sale on digital download venues such as iTunes, Napster, and more. Since we're finally done with our CD, we're going to start booking some more shows, so check back on the tour dates page for updates.

Pocket Full of Change (Will Hoge Cover)
Free at Last*
This is the Time*
Annie* --> Come Back Home*
Fallen Sky (Missing Joe Cover)
Bring That Funk*

* Songs off the brand new "This is the Time EP"


Show photos:

03.19.06 - Debut album released!
We are extremely pleased to announce that our debut CD album, "This is the Time EP", is completely finished! This feels really good to be able to hold the real thing in our hands because we've been hard at work on it since December. If all goes well, we will have it up for sale on iTunes, as well as on other sites such as MSN Music, Napster, etc. -- we will also have the actual CD available for purchase from our web site shortly. April 8th is our offical CD release concert, so check the Tour section of the web site for more details!!


02.18.06 - LOLHS Show
Good times last night at LOLHS! We started setting up for the show around 2:30pm and worked straight through 6:00pm. After a half hour break which included some subways, coca colas and some random shows on VH1 backstage, our opening acts arrived so we chilled with them until the show began.

Many thanks go out to Jesse Frieberg of East Lyme who filled in on very short notice for the original opening act who had to drop out of the show yesterday afternoon. He put on a great acoustic solo set before our friends Latimer played their set. Zach Thomas joined them on stage for a tune on saxophone. They put on a great show.

We went on around 8:30 and played for about an hour and a half. We played the songs off of the "This is the Time EP" for the first time live and they were definitely rockin'.

A special thanks goes out to Ashley Beckman who did a great job with lighting and to Matt Graves who mixed some great sound for us!

Get Together
With My Baby
Come Back Home*
By Your Side (ZL solo)**
Relaxin' (ZL and ZT)
Freedom (ZL and ZT)
This is the Time*
Crazy Game of Poker#
Free at Last*
Don't Stop Believin'##
Bring That Funk*
* Songs off the brand new "This is the Time EP"
**Brand New Songs
#OAR cover
##Journey Cover


Show photos:

02.17.06 - CD Art Proofs Are In!
The artwork proofs for the new EP "This is the Time" are here! They arrived today and we all think that they are really awesome. So now the actual manufacturing process of the CD is beginning so they should arrive soon! If you have pre-ordered a CD you will be the first to know when they arrive!


02.09.05 - CD Update - Manufacturing
Our CD master has arrived at the manufacturing plant and we should be receiving the final product in about 20 days if all goes well.


02.07.06 - CD Update - Studio News
    We're in the final stages of making our CD! It was mastered and finalized last week by Yves Feder, we received the audio master disc yesterday, and today we signed all of the forms and sent it off to the replication company. In the meantime, while the CD is getting replicated (which will take about 2 weeks until they are in our hands), we have put up select songs from our new debut CD, previewable on our MySpace and our media player on the site. The CD will be titled "This is the Time EP". We'll keep you posted on the process, so don't forget to check back later!


01.07.06 - CD Update - Studio News
    Another productive day in the studio...we arrived at Fortune Studio at Conn College with our recordings we made at Riverdale Studios with 10 minutes to spare and hauled all of our equipment inside. We met with our recording engineer, Jim McNeish, at 10:00 am. While Zach Lockwood got to work on vocals, Tom started setting up drums. Zach L recorded vocals until approximately 2:30 pm, during which time all of the other band members had devoured a box of ten quaker oats chewy bars, and then we took a lunch break. We went to a place called "Acropolis Pizza Restaurant", which makes a fantastic grinder. After an hour lunch break, we headed back to the studio and laid down the drum tracks. All of the practicing for the studio has really paid off: Tom pretty much lived up to his nickname of the day, "One Take Tommy", and laid down most of the tracks without needing to do more than one take. Because we made such good time, Steve had some spare time to record some tracks on a 9-foot Steinway concert grand piano, which sounds absolutely amazing in the recording. We wrapped the day up at about 8:30 pm.
    We're taking the recordings back to Riverdale Studios for some more work, so expect another studio update soon!


12.31.05 - CD Update - Studio News
So we just completed day 2 of recording for our first release as 41north at Riverdale Studios. It has been a lot of fun, and, yea we did a little bit of work too. The new tunes are definitely starting to gel, we can’t wait to share them with you.
Yesterday it was mainly Zach and Zach working alongside producer/engineer G-Dub (Hollywood) Wojcik and producer Andrew Fogliano. The better part of the day was taken up by our own renditions of quality movie quotes from movies such as Old School, Along Came Polly (which is way underrated by the way), and Office Space. But on the music end we spent most of the day working on laying down some guitar parts. Lockwood put down some killer acoustic guitar tracks as well as some electric parts. We started to work on some sax parts but kind of ran out of time and patience and decided to punch out for the day before any real saxophone advances were made.
Today Zach Thomas was able to get some actual sax work done on a couple of tracks early on in the session. James arrived at the studio around 3:30pm, just in time for our lunch break, so he was on break before he even touched his bass. Yea he really worked for that lunch. Zach, Zach, James and Andrew went to Coffee’s for a quick bite to eat and then returned to Riverdale to lay down some bass tracks. The tracks are really starting to come together. We’ll be over at Conn College Studios next weekend for drums and vocals so check back soon for another studio update.
“Yeaa, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come on in tomorrow and while you’re at it, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and come on in on Sunday too okk?” Office Space, legendary.

Here’s to ’06!