41 North is a Connecticut Shoreline-based band playing Pop Rock. Originally known as “Zinc”, the band knew that as they moved further along into their musical venture, they must start copyrighting their original material. Because the name “Zinc” was not available for use, the new name was born. 41 North has an eclectic set of original songs that you just can’t get out of your head.

In 2003, the five guys of 41 North came together with a common passion for music. In the amount of time since, they have put together a mature sound of their own style of rock. It's neither hard nor soft, but it is tight, at times funky and always easy to like.

The guys of 41 North are all currently high school seniors. Their energetic live performance reflects their enthusiastic attitude towards the music that they create. The maturity of their sound extends well beyond their years.

Although the band does not yet have a major record release, they have distributed enough demo CDs and played enough live shows to build a loyal and growing fan base. The fan base extends as far as the west coast and their mature stage presence, catchy, harmony filled songs, and constant self-promotion will take them even further.

Their music has been recognized by Nashville singer/songwriter Chad Warrix as well as international jazz singer Allan Harris. The band has performed as the opening act for many accomplished musicians including Edwin McCain, Ari Hest (Colombia), Martin Sexton, and Keller Williams.

The members of 41 North plan to continue pursuing their musical ambitions. With a new name, a mature set of tunes, and the energy they feel as a band, they are ready to take their musical endeavors to the next level. 41 North plans to continue to entertain audiences everywhere while they fulfill their common passion of making music.